Leather Loading Strip – Saddle Tan


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Roy’s Loading Strips are a favorite among SASS® and Cowboy Action Shooters®. They hold 10 rounds on each side for up to 10 rifle and 10 pistol. The deer antler tip is designed to fit in an empty cartridge loop on a gunbelt.

This is a proven great way to carry the correct count of ammo to the loading table, as well as a great solution freeing up both hands to carry a rifle and shotgun to the loading table, and completely out of the way during a shooting string.

Roy has been using his original loading strip since 2006.  Available is 32, 38/357, and 44/45 Calibers, as well as in any of our 7 different colors. Roy is offering his loading strips in 4 models: Indianola, Texarkana, Wastella, and Bisbee.   Special orders are also available for shooters needing a different caliber cartridge loop on each side; there is no additional charge for this service.  Custom tooling is also available on a special order.

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