About Roy

Your pard with a passion for the old west and good ol' fashion American handmade craftsmanship

Welcome to the fire, name’s Ricochet Roy.

Seems all my life I’ve had a passion fer the old west, watchin’ and a cheerin’ on my TV heroes on like Roy, Gene, Hoppy and the likes, and fer the past several years I’ve been a livin’ it with my association with the Single Action Shooting Society (SASS)®.  With my participation in cowboy action shootin’ I have met some of the greatest friends that I have ever had the pleasure of a knowin’.  My good Pard BT Blade has a sayin’, “we come fer the shootin’ but we stay fer the people” – how very true.

Ricochet Roy’s Old West is a custom leather shop which primarily caters to the needs of Single Action Shooting Society® / Cowboy Action Shooting® competition shooters, as well as reinactors, hunters, backwoods plinkers, and to those with home defense concerns.

All leather products are handmade my Ricochet Roy himself (SASS 71853). Roy’s standard product line now includes 41 models of his Baseball Stitch Lever Wraps, 36 models of his Stock Covers, Badge Holders, Loading Strips, Cartridge / Shotshell Gunbelt Slides, Spur Straps, Saddle Bags and much more. All leather products are available is Buckskin or Saddle Tan (Same Color), Light Brown, Medium Brown, Dark Brown, Bison Brown, Chestnut & Black. Roy also makes on a special order basis knife sheathes, rifle slings, belts, gunbelts, tack repairs of all kinds, etc., etc. Many of Roy’s products make for great and meaningful gifts for that favorite Cowboy Action Shooter®.

American Handmade

Ricochet Roy’s Old West cowboy leather accessories is a 100% handmade, family owned company. Roy makes baseball stitched leather lever wraps, gunstock butt covers, antique spur straps, full gun rigs, badge holders for SASS members, roping cuffs, and more!