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            Welcome to the fire, name’s Ricochet Roy. Seems all my life I’ve had a passion fer the old west, watchin’ and a cheerin’ on my TV heroes like Roy, Gene, Hoppy and the likes, and fer the past several years I’ve been a livin’ it through my association with the Single Action Shooting Society (SASS)®. Cowboy action shootin‘ is how I met some of the greatest friends I’ve had the pleasure of a knowin’. My good Pard BT Blade has a sayin’, “we come fer the shootin’ but we stay fer the people, ” how very true.

Happy trails,
Ricochet Roy

When I first got started in cowboy action shootin’ I found that with the competitive rapid fire associated with my lever action 1873 rifle the backs of my fingers would quickly become blistered. Now you mix sweat and gun powder residue with a blister like that and believe me it becomes a painful and distractin’ experience. So, out of necessity I painstakingly designed and developed the Ricochet Roy Old West Leather Lever Wrap, which is SASS legal and the perfect solution fer enjoyable and comfortable lever action firearms. I have my lever wraps on all my lever action rifles and shotgun, and I can honestly say that I have never experienced, nor have I ever heard of a single complaint of any rustin’ issues caused by one of my lever wraps, as I have sadly seen with so many others that I have been asked to remove. Lever wraps are nothin’ new; in fact various examples were used by Annie Oakley as far back as in the late 1880’s. I personally make every RROW lever wrap, and I only use a specially tanned leather and a professional grade all natural leather conditioner.

Kit Includes:

Now, one size does not fit all, so when orderin’ your lever wrap please be sure to specify the manufacturer and the model of your lever action firearm.

Price: $28.00

Available finishes are buckskin, light brown, medium brown, dark brown, bison brown, and black.

The cost fer the shippin’ is $1.50, within America that is. California residents please add 8.75% State sales tax. Please contact me for special pricing for orders of 6 lever wraps and more, and of course, dealer inquiries are invited.

We all know what happens to firearms when they get wet, they rust. In the event that your leather lever wrap gets wet, and I mean soakin’ wet, as a precaution I recommend that it be removed, dried out and then re-installed. Sewing thread and needles to reinstall your lever wrap can be purchased upon request for $2.50.


Now, if you feel that you’re not up to the installation of your new RROW lever wrap, I do offer free installation, just send me your firearm lever only, and $6.00 fer the return shippin’. Not countin’ holidays, Sunday goin’ to meetin’, and shootin’ time I have a one day turn-around time on my lever wrap installations, and you’ll get a beautiful fit.

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Along with my deep love fer the old west, fer many years I've had a passion fer collectin' authentic old west American spurs. Searchin' high and low, once in a blue moon I'll come across a set of genuine old west American spurs that sparks my interest, and from time to time even a single spur. Generally one could describe my collection' as extensive. Each month I select and feature a few sets of my old west American spurs, which may include lady and youth size spurs as well. If you might have an interest in owning a great piece of the American old west you're invited to be added to my monthly email list. I will update you each month with featured spurs including photos and their details. The ordering, payment and shippin' policy is the same as with my RROW lever wraps.

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Cowboy action firearms are a considerable investment, and I'm sure we all try to take care of them the best we can, but over the years they do tend to get nicks, dents, scratches and such. I have an extensive and professional background in refinishing wood gunstocks, antiques, etc. Before my new Uberti rifles make it to the range they are stripped down and refinished to what I feel replicates an original Winchester as it were new back in the late 1800's. My rifles are always on display and over the past several years a number of my SASS Pards have requested refinishing of their new Uberti rifles as well.


I have been offering my wood gun stock refinishing services to gun owners and cowboy action shooters for the past several years. To do it right it is an extensive process which requires about a 30 day turn-around time, and process is all done by hand and by myself. With every wood gunstock refinishing project that I accept I do require the liberty of "artistic freedom", which is implied to be completely accepted by each firearm owner upon their request for refinishing work. It's my goal to enhance the beauty of each individual gunstock to my high standards. Some gunstocks require only one coat of stain while others may require 3, as well, some gunstocks may require as few as 4 coats of hand rubbed finish, while others may require 10. Not every nick, dent or scratch can be completely removed as though it never happened, but rest assured that I will do my very best work on each and every gunstock refinishing project. Please note that I do not repair cracked gunstocks.


For most cowboy action rifles and shotguns I charge $275.00, which includes deluxe models with or without checkering. The 1860 Henry is $200.00. Wood pistol grips are $65.00 each. I require that only the wood stocks be sent to me, and not the whole firearm. Please package all gunstocks carefully and ship with necessary insurance and Delivery Confirmation. Your gunstock will be returned to you in the same manner as shipped to me, and with the same box and packaging. The ordering, payment and shippin' policy is the same as with my RROW lever wraps. Return shipping is included at no additional charge.

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